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DuPont announced the winners of innovative packaging 2015
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Winners show their powerful and innovative works for consumers

2015 DuPont innovative packaging prize was honored as the years for design and was written in to the annals of history, 77% of the winners was prized for improving users experience.

CEO of DuPont said ¡±The winners are the leaders in the area of packaging innovation, they show us how the innovative packaging influence on our daily life. ¡±

DuPont innovative packaging prize is the grand meeting in the area with the longest history, it aims at honoring the excellent innovation packaging by inviting the individual experts or evaluators from across the world. 140 works from more than 25 countries are participated in the competition, they are selected from the aspects of ¡°Technology, responsibility and consumer experience¡±, on 14th May, one Diamond Award, five Gold Awards and seven Silver Awards came out.

The package leader of DuPont Yasmin Siddiqi said ¡°The winners show us how they combine precision engineering, design and technology to create the packaging of plentiful functions and novel appearance to satisfy consumers¡¯ expectation ¡±

¡°What¡¯s novel about this competition is we found many designs are focus on visible function and consumer experience simplification ¡± the package director of America Mintel Group and chief judge of competition said ¡±The unique and difference of a design is not just technology, but can satisfy the needs of consumers, and easy to operation.¡±

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